Q.How to Brewing Tea

  1. Bring Purified Water to a Rolling Boil.Pour some of the boiling water into Your teapot to rinse and bring it up to temperature.
  2. Empty Tea Pot of Water & Prepare to add Oolong Tea leaves.
  3. Once You have added in Your Tea… Go ahead and just slightly cover Your tea leaves with hot water, giving the tea leaves a quick rinse and finally draining all the water.
    *This will allow the tea leaves to
    *Wake Up” Yielding a better Brew.
  4. Slightly cover the tea leaves with the hot water. With the Oolong Tea Leaves,You can easily get 5 consecutive steeps each revealing a totally different flavor profile. For lighter flavored teas follow the times below. For a more intense flavor profile, increase the steeping time up to 2X the normal recommendations.
  5. 1st :50s → 2nd : 45s → 3rd:50s → 4th:50s → 5th:60s
  6. Before serving, make sure You have rinse out Your tea cups with the hot rinse water from the earlier step.


Q.The Ten Famous Taiwanese Teas

  1. Dongding tea; oolong
  2. Wen Mountain (Wenshan) Pouchong tea or Light oolong; oolong
  3. Oriental Beauty or White Tip Oolong; oolong
  4. Light Oolong or Ching tea; oolong
  5. Ali Mountain oolong; oolong
  6. Taiwan Alpine (High Mountain Oolong); oolong
  7. Sun Moon Lake Black; black tea
  8. Mucha Iron Goddess; oolong
  9. Sanshia Dragon Well; green tea
  10. Longquan Tea; oolong